Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Snow

Last night, as I left the local Arts Council Coffeehouse, the snow was starting to fall.

Snowed all night.

Snowed all day.

3-4 inches on the ground now.

I am kicking back, ready to watch Da Bears, and enjoying a Sam Adam's Winter Lager. (read about it at Contagion's as well)

All in all, a good weekend, except for having cattle out at 1:30am this morning when I got home. I will try to post some pictures of the Turkey Shoot yesterday. Got some neat shots of flintlocks at ignition.

To celebrate the season, I share a video of someone's Christmas light display synchro'd to the the Trans-Siberian Orchestra song, "First Snow."


Home on the Range said...

Great video. I have that on a tape, which we listened to while putting up the Christmas tree last night. Today, everyone headed home, the house is back to quiet.

We almost threw the Winter Lager in the shopping cart, and got the regular Sam Adams instead. Now I wish I'd tried it.

Contagion said...

We had some snow up here too. It wasn't our first of the year, but it is the first with any significant accumulation.