Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cue the disco ball and red lights

Cause their about to get it on.

I had an e-mail the other night from my dog breeder. He sent picture of the sire and bitch he is going to use in his breeding this spring. I am on the list to get one of the male puppies out of this litter.

The Sire

The Bitch

In case you don't recognize them, these dogs are Spinoini Italianos
Spinonis are and old breed, with appearances in paintings going back centuries. However, the AKC has only recognized them for 8 years. They are a versatile hunting breed and run in the NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association). They point, retrieve, retrieve waterfowl, can blood track, among other things. In World War II, Americans taught them to track Nazis by their boot polish.

I am planning to train the pup I get myself. We'll see how that goes.

There will be lots of pictures and stories in the coming months.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Good Tribute

But they are going to run out of beer.

I haven't talked about it yet, but I am a Die Hard Cubs Fan. Have been my entire life. I remember growing up and listening to Harry Caray on WGN-and the "HOLY COW" call. He was the voice of the Cubs from the time I was born until his death in 1998 (he came to the Cubs the year before I was born).

From Holy Taco:
It Takes 100 Gallons of Beer To Toast Harry Caray

Cub fan and raging alcoholic Harry Caray was known to enjoy himself an ice cold beer or 20 from time to time. So, to honor his crippling addiction, his restaurant toasted him last night with a record breaking 100 gallon glass of beer.

The 4 foot tall hexagonal glass with a handle and spigot (for serving) will weigh 1,000 pounds when full.

When Harry’s widow Dutchie Caray heard about the record breaking beer, she laughed saying “100 gallons? Is that all? Harry would have considered that an after dinner drink.”

Harry estimated that he consumed over 73,000 Budweiser’s and 300,000 alcoholic beverages throughout his lifetime.

Holy shit! 73,000 Budweisers? That would mean Harry would’ve had a 12-pack a night for 16 and a half years straight. And 300,000 drinks? I’m not even going to do the math on that one. Harry, you are a true American. I salute you and your insatiable thirst for alcohol.


Now that is a liver we can all be impressed with.

So raise up your 100-gallon glass and join in a gravelly round of "Take me out to the Ballgame."

Worth the Read

Go over to the Haag-Rant and read Gym's position about the War in Iraq. Very well put.

A Sad Memory, but with New Hope

I should have posted this Friday, but didn't get it done.

February 22. A bad day in 2006.

I graduated college in the summer of 2005 and got a full time job with one of the largest General Contractors in the Country. The first project I worked on was and new manufacturing facility in the city where I went to college. I would work on that project full time for 13 months when it was all said and done.

Some background. I interned on this jobsite as well as working starting full time after finishing my internship. When I started on site excavation was in full swing, the building bad was being prepped, and the auger cast pilings were just about to start being drilled. The only thing about the horizon on the site was the jobsite trailer, a power pole for the trailer, a storage container, and some big piles of soil. The general contractor I worked for was celebrating 150 years in business when I started with them. And they have a very good safety program. The Superintendent on the site where I worked had been to Las Vegas earlier that year to help make a presentation about the safety program at the company. They would win the Associated General Contractors of America award for the best safety program in there division, and would win the overall award as well. It is a company with a Safety Culture.

While I was in college, I received my 30-hour OSHA General Industry certification. While I was with the GC (General Contractor), I got my 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA Construction certifications and ARC First Aid and CPR Cards. I really got into the safety program. At one point a few months before we parted ways, they even talked of having run the safety on a $100 million jobsite in Bethesda, Maryland. It became a big part of how I worked.

Back to the story. While on the job in my college town, we (the Superintendent and I) managed safety very closely. More than once I would here guys on the site say "here comes that safety guy" as I walked up. Last Summer while taking measurements for a job at my new company, there was someone working there who saw me and asked "weren't you that safety guy at the ***** project." So I got a reputation.

Anyway, we had gone the entire project without a single safety incident on the site. Until the day we were supposed to have our final punchlist. February 22. I was checking thing in the plant to see that they had been done and could cross them off of previous punchlists when the owner's maintenance manager comes up to me and asks "What's going on." I replied "Not much." And he informs me that and Ambulance and Fire Truck had just pulled in with their lights going. So I immediately proceed to the front of the building to find out what is happening. In the main office, I see the paramedics coming in the door and a crowd around a conference room. I go to investigate and see an electrician's apprentice on the floor and CPR being performed. The paramedics intubate him and place the Defibrillator paddles on his chest. After a few more minutes, the paramedics loaded him on the stretcher and wheeled him out. I remember seeing his face and it was a blue-purple color.

The 911 call was placed at 8:46am by a carpenter who was working in an adjacent room. He along with another carpenter were the first to find the apprentice, as they heard him fall from the ladder he was on. The first carpenter had something like 25 years of experience and of all the people the site to be the first to arrive he was the best option. He had just taken a CPR refresher course the night before. He gave the apprentice his best fighting chance.

About 10:30am, we received a call from one of our guys who we had sent to the hospital, that the apprentice did not make it. 22 years old. His birthday was 364 days after mine. One day shy of one year apart. He had been on the jobsite since the very first day electricians arrived.

In the hours and days that followed, we had a mass influx of people to help respond. Three safety managers, including the corporate safety director, from our company drove the 4 hours in. The construction manager flew in, the project owner's PR rep and Vice President in charge of facilities, along with the owner's site staff-HR, facilities, engineer, Plant Manager. We brought in a couple of counselors. We conducted a investigation to try and figure out what had happened.

The official cause of death, from the Coroner's Inquest which I had to attend (and I hope to never do it again), was determined to be electrocution. The apprentice was on the very top of an 8' ladder (not a safe place to be), working above a 12' ceiling (should have gotten a 12' ladder-there was room), to rewire at lighting fixture after installing a trim escutcheon, on a 277-volt lighting circuit that he had not shut off, locked out and tagged out.

Then to top the day off. About 5:30pm, there was still a crowd of about 12 in out job trailer finishing up for the day and making plans for tomorrow when my cell phone rings. It was my mother. She asked how my day was, so I conveyed the horrible experience. She expressed sympathy, and proceeded to tell me she had to make it worse. A young man who I had gone to school with and had known since we were both in early elementary school, our families have bee friends for nearly 25 years. The young man at the age of 21, had died of an epileptic seizure in his sleep while in his room at his college fraternity house.

2 good young men, both younger than me, gone in the same day. 2 funerals to attend.

It was a terrible day. The worst of my career so far and I hope to never top it. I worked for the GC for another 13 months after that incident. And every single day, I would think about that day, the apprentice, and replay the incident in my head. It was part of why the GC and I parted ways.

Life is precious. We can never tell those close to us that we love them enough. Parents-let your kids know that you love them every day. Kids-tell your parents you love them and appreciate all they do. It may not seem like it now, but they have your best interest at heart. If you can't see it now, you will very soon. Our days on this planet are but few. We are born, we live, we suffer, and we die. Yes, we must all die, for it is a part of life. The key is to make the most of those precious days we have with those whom we love. Until we shall meet again at the spiritual building, the house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

But wait, for there is also hope in new life. While our days are but few, we pass to the next generation the wisdom of our days. While we all must die, we all can live. February 22 can be that day for us all. Take hope. For on this day there is New Life. The world can smile in the arrival of D.W. Congratulations to Wes and his wife on this Joyful occasion. Your Joy is a reminder to me that life goes on.

Thanks for listening while I get that off my chest.

Life sucks when your sick

I have been remiss is posting for several days. Mostly because I have been fighting a nasty head and chest cold.

Started feeling less than chipper Friday at work. Friday night go to a couple of very good friends house, where I basically go every night. Omar Squatch had gone home from work early Wednesday feeling ill. And Friday night was still feeling the effects of it. Friday-Dog was not feeling well either. We made for a fine trio.

Saturday morning I got up and went to a benefit breakfast for a volunteer fire department in a nearby town-where I have some friends on the department and many more friends in the district. After breakfast, I came back to town and went over to the friends' house again. Dog was on the couch and not moving much. Omar Squatch was starting to come out of it and on the computer playing some games. I sat in my favorite chair and for the next 12 hours got up once. Took a couple of naps. And that was it.

Sunday, got up about 10:00. Then fell asleep in front of the space heater in the bathroom. Strange I know, but it was WARM (I have my waterbed turned up to 100+), and slept there for another hour.

Friday and Saturday night I had slept for 4 and 5 hours in the same spot respectively. Microfleece shirt, flannel lounge pants, socks, and a quartz space heater with temp at its highest setting less than 2 feet away. A good way to help sweat out those damn germs. Little Bastards.

But I digress. Anyway, back to Sunday. After a hot shower, back to friends' place (might as well be sick in good company), and sorta repeat Saturday, but I am able to get up a few more times, and actually eat another meal about 9:00pm-the first since breakfast Saturday.

Monday morning. The chest feels mostly clear, but sinuses are still FULL and running. Have gone to work and am pounding down coffee to help with the sore throat. Slowly getting this thing whipped.

Maybe our nannystate government should do something about this. I DEMAND an immediate ban to all germs, bacteria, and viruses that make people sick. Because as we all know, when the government bans something, it solves all the problems because no one and nothing would dare break a law.

I must be feeling better, I have a bit of my cynical side back.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I feel like a beer

What Beer Are You?

You are part Corona. You are easy-going, laid-back, and...well, chilled. Life is better in the slow lane for you, but your attitude sometimes comes at the expense of ambition.
You are part Guinness. You are brooding, bitter, and often in a dark, pensive mood. You are an intellectual and a dreamer, but your passion and emotions can sometimes get the better of you.
Find Your Character @

I DO NOT drink Corona. Period. But I will NEVER PASS UP a Guinness. However, the description is pretty accurate.

h/t to Barmy Mama.

I'm Greener than You!!!!

*DISCLAIMER* I have nothing against solar panels. When I build my house some day I have seriously considered installing them to cut down on electric bills, or even get checks back from the power company. But this is just asinine. *DISCLAIMER*

I heard this story while listening to the Dennis Miller Radio Show this morning. Or read it here.

So, basically, one neighbor says "I am GREENER than you, so CUT DOWN YOUR TREES."

Am I the only one who see this as really freaking stupid.

The Mr Treanor and Ms. Bissett planted 8 Redwood trees in THEIR YARD between 1997 and 1999. And as they are want to do, the trees GREW.

Then, in 2001 the neighbor, Vargas, installs solar panels on his house.

As the Redwoods grew, they began to shadow the solar panels. So Vargas contacts the district attorney and has charges filed against Treanor and Bissett under the "Solar Shade Control Act" which won't allow a TREE to shadow more than 10% of a solar panel between 10:00am and 2:00pm. And since the Redwoods that Treanor and Bissett planted GREW AFTER the solar panels were installed, they are in violation of the Act and have been ordered to cut down 2 of THEIR trees.

I understand that the shadow reduces the efficiency of the panel, and I could maybe handle it if the trees were planted AFTER the solar panels were installed. But in this case, the trees were planted 2-4 YEARS prior to the installation of the panels.

Treanor and Bissett are the first known people to actually have a conviction against them under this act in its 30 YEAR history.

So basically, if I want you to cut down YOUR tree in California, all I have to do is install some solar panels that will be shaded by your tree.

Evidently math in California works like this:
Solar panels to run Air Conditioner and cool house while blowing heat out of the condenser>Tree to shade house and keep it cooler in the first place, a habitat for birds, oxygen generation.

No wonder I could never live in California.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Camp 2008

As promised-A post about Winter Camp.

So for Valentine's Day I did what I wanted. One of the nice things about being single, I can do whatever I want without any repercussions or guilt trips.

Anywho, 4:30am the alarm clock goes off and I slowly make my progress. I have all my gear packed, just have to get dressed. 5:00-my ride shows up. We 3 make our trek to Fort Obie to meet up with the other 8 of us traveling together. We stop in Dubuque about 7:30 for breakfast. About the time we hit Dickeyville, WI it starts snowing. And we continue to drive through snow until we get north of Tomah, WI. Sorta slow going for a while, but not terrible.

About 1:30 we arrive in Chippewa Falls at the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. to get our free beers. A couple of the guys with us don't drink beer, so they are giving me their free coupons-and I proceed to get a little bit of a buzz.

The next stop is in Spooner for Alcohol and food. Finally, we arrive at Winter Camp.

The next 48 hours is a continious party. Catching up with lots of old friends, and meeting some new ones. Lots of drinking. Singing Sea Shanties. Just an all around good time.

Saturday morning was the Dead Bourgeois (Booshway) Meeting. For the year 2008 I am the Bourgeois of the Ouisconsin and Old North West Company. Basically-a glorified publisher. I run our meetings and publish our newsletter every month. Since I am the new Bourgeois I had to attend the meeting. It was sorta interesting.

Then at noon, we had a meeting of Perseverance 1836 Lodge in one of the out cabins. This is a regularly constituted plural membership Masonic Lodge, based in Wisconsin. It is the first regularly constituted traveling lodge in the U.S. since the Civil War. I am currently the Junior Warden of this lodge. It was a cold muther. There was ice on the floor of the cabin.

About 4:00, was the Company meeting. The outgoing Bourgeois, the Token Mexican (one of the guys I went to Florida with), started the meeting, then turned it over to me with The Official Coronation of King James IV. The previous three Bourgeois have all been named Jim, so it was brought up at a meeting and passed by a majority vote that I change my name. So, anyway. I was standing off to the side, with a couple of the guys who traveled with us behind me. When Token Mexican introduced me, they come up behind me and hang the Bourgeois Flag on my shoulders.

The flag is wool, with the ONW Co. symbol on one side, and a target on the other.

Then from the other side of the room, another travel companion brought out a Burger King Crown with and piece of paper taped on it reading "Ouisconsin and Old North West Company King James IV" and placed it on my head.

Only one thing in the meeting bothered me. There is a somewhat unspoken issue between the Northern Guys (early members from Wisconsin) and Southern Guys (those of us from Illinois, and Wisconsin guys who agree with us on most issue and don't give a flying monkey f*^k about politics). Well, one of the Wisconsin guys made a speech about it being a WISCONSIN organization and that is what it should be. Even though we have members in something like 23 states. I promptly answered the speech with a simple statement. "We are ONE Company." Not bound to one state or region. I was Pissed.

After the meeting, the cabin transforms for the Beaver Club Dinner. Steaks, baked potatoes, beans, peas, bread, ice cream, flaming plum pudding, tarts. A meal fit of a king. Contagion has a good picture of it posted.

After dinner, we set up the raffle. Bring a prize, take a prize. $5 a ticket. And this funds the newsletter for the year. All sorts of good stuff. Custom knives, canoe paddles, silver pipes, handcrafted boxes, beeswaxed bags, black powder, scotch, rum, fine prints, the mystery box.

I put on a canoe paddle that I crafted and painted our symbol on. When my name was drawn, I picked up a sketch print of the Fort at Michilimakinac.

Then Sunday morning, we were awoken very early, and on the road by 4:45 for a drive back through more snow.

We had a good crowd and it was good time.
(Not everyone who was there is in the picture)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not really sure how to react to this.

If you go to Google and search for "powderhorn drive florida murder," this site comes up as the #2 result.

If remove the word "florida," I only drop to #4.




Should I be worried about this?

Life Happened

I know I haven't posted for a while, other than the Da Vinci post from yesterday. But I haven't really been home at night in a week.

Tuesday 2/12: 3rd Degree Practice at the Masonic Lodge.
Wednesday 2/13: 3rd Degree at Masonic Lodge-home at 10:45
Thursday 2/14: Up at 4:30, on the road at 5:00 to head for Winter Camp.
Thursday 2/14 thru Sunday 2/17:Winter Camp in Northern Wisconsin. Home about 4:00 after long trip through a Winter Storm Warning. Drove into it between Black River Falls and Sparta, didn't get out of it until the Quad Cities. Very Tired.
Monday 2/18: 1st Degree at Lodge 12 miles away.
Tonight, Tuesday 2/19: Visitation for a family friend and member of my Masonic Lodge for over 60 years. Masonic Services at 6:45. Stated meeting of local Masonic Lodge (where I am the Worshipful Master) to follow after Masonic Funeral Services.

Right now, I finally have a night without anything on the calendar. Yet.

Depending on how late the meeting lasts tonight, I will try to write a recap of Winter Camp, with a few pictures. Hopefully, I can get pictures from some of the others who were there of the coronation.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A DaVinci

It makes sense, I guess.

Which Famous Artist Are You?

You are Leonardo da Vinci. You are the "Renaissance man" and you live to be productive. Great at everything you put your mind to, you have great passion and drive. But of all qualities, your curiosity is your best trait.
Find Your Character @

h/t to Thunder Pig.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Do you know what this number is?

It is the number of days since America was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. On that day, the day I took my first test in a college class, time stood still. I can still tell you exactly where I was that day and recount my actions for most of the morning after I learned of the attack.

Now, we are 2,345 days removed from that day, "a day that will live in infamy," without another attack on this continent. And it seems to me that far too many people have forgotten how we all felt that day. In the ensuing days, there was a feeling of National Unity that I had never seen before, or since.

Fast forward to 2008. We have been fighting a war on 2 fronts for going on for over 6 years in Afghanistan and for almost 5 years in Iraq. Over 3,000 American Service Men and Women have given their lives in this fight.

(Please take a moment now to remember those who have given the last full measure of devotion to their country, pray for their families, pray for all of our soldiers still fighting, and pray for their families)

The National Guard unit in my hometown was deployed for 18 months, spending 12 of that in Iraq patrolling the most dangerous stretch of highway in the world, and all of them came home alive, which were are all eternally grateful for. Now they are in preparations for another deployment to Afghanistan, probably leaving this summer. And this little hometown of mine will support them like we did the first time around, in every way possible.

Which gets us to the whole point of this entry. I am just a simple country boy, so I have a really hard time comprehending the concept of "I oppose the war, BUT I support the troops." How can ANYONE say they support anything, but oppose what they are doing? This is a concept outside of my realm of understanding.

And before anyone get the wrong idea about me, I wish with all my heart that we were not fighting a war. I wish we had not been attacked 2,346 days ago. I wish nearly 3,000 American citizens were not killed on that day. I wish that over 3,000 American Soldiers would not have given the last full measure of devotion. I wish there was not people in this world who hate us so vehemently, and have corrupted their own religion, that they want to kill themselves to kill us. But we were attacked. The towers fell, the walls were knocked out of the pentagon, a plane came down in Pennsylvania. And people in this world do hate us. The Taliban harbored those who hate us supported them. Saddam's regime supported and harbored those who hate us.

So many people are quick to say, "There were no weapons of mass destruction." Maybe we didn't find fully assembled WMD's, but we haven't probed every inch of sand yet either.

But here is the perspective I take on it, and Dennis Miller put it so eloquently, "Saddam and his sons drew the Wonka Ticket in the Asshole lottery." We can either fight terrorists on our own soil while they kill more civilians, or we fight them on the ground of our choosing. We chose Afghanistan and Iraq. And while we are at it, removed a dictator cut from the same mould as Hitler and Stalin, committing mass murder of their own citizens. Unfortunately, thousands of Iraqi citizens have lost their lives in this war.

But while war is never an attractive option, I believe in this case, it was the only option. Terrorists do not have a government to hold responsible. How do you hold diplomatic talks with a group that has no representatives.

I am sure that everyone has heard about actions of the Berkley, California City Council. How could ANYONE say "We support the troops" while telling them they are not welcome in the city. Define: Hypocrite. There is no difference between this and saying "I oppose the war, BUT I support the troops." Do those who say this think this supports the morale of our Soldiers.

I wish we were not in a war. It is my most sincere desire that all of our Soldiers can home soon, and that not another family has to be informed that their husband, son, father, mother, daughter, or wife has given that last full measure.

But you will never hear me oppose the war (because I believe this is the fight we are faced with at this time). And if you do oppose the war, I believe you should BITE YOUR DAMN TOUNGE.

To see a good example of really supporting our troops, visit Blackfive.

And I will close with this sentiment. From the bottom of my heart to ALL of our Soldiers, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE, AND CONTINUE TO DO, which gives me the right to write this. May God bless you and watch over you, protect you until you all come home.


Update: To read more about the treasonous scum in Berkley, go to Blackfives post: The Battle is Joined. (disclaimer: I am not responsible for damage to you computer when you read this and get so sick you actually vomit. Yes, it really is that bad)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I suppose I could see it.

Well then.

You Are a Pinky

You are fiercely independent, and possibly downright weird.
A great communicator, you can get along with almost anyone.
You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends - and love them for who they are.

You get along well with: The Ring Finger

Stay away from: The Thumb

h/t to Quality Weenie

THAT'S why I drive a Chevy.

Man's '91 pickup passes the 1M-mile mark

I have been pretty much a die-hard Chevy guy most of my life. For 2 years I did own a Dodge Ram while I was in college, but my other 3 trucks have all been Chevy's. Currently, I drive a 2005 Silverado Crew Cab Z71 with a topper on it. I bought the truck new in August 2005 with <400 miles on it. And either today or tomorrow I will roll over 75,000 miles. My commute to and from work logs 100 miles a day.

I will give Ford credit for one thing though.

They circle the problem.

It's like Absolute Zero for Sanity

It lived up to its name: The temperature in International Falls fell to 40 below zero Monday, just a few days after the northern Minnesota town won a federal trademark making it officially the "Icebox of the Nation."

THAT is freaking COOOOLLLLLLDDDD!!!! When the air temperature, not wind chill, is 40 degrees BELOW zero. I think the folks in International Falls would like some global warming about now. And the article says this is a colder temperature than the previous record from 41 years ago.

So it stands to reason: if 1967 temp of -37 < 2008 temp of -40, then the planet is actually COOLING.

And I just blew your mind.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Interesting Search

While being vain and looking at my sitemeter to see where all of you my readers are visiting from and how you got here, I found a visitor from Austin, Texas who came via a Google Blog Search. I won't pretend to know why anyone would search the term "petey obama" but this person did, and the Powderhorn came up as the #1 return.

That is actually a little scary. But kinda cool, too.

So, whomever you are in Austin, thanks for the visit.

And thanks to all of you who stop by for a trip into my mind. It really does fuel my ego.

It makes me want to puke

Over at Blackfive there is a post that everyone should read, and then watch the video.

I haven't ranted about this yet. But I will try to get a post up today.

I will reiterate the health notice from Blackfive about the video. Make sure you are sitting down, and have taken your blood pressure medicine. And it might not hurt to have your A/C on or the windows open, cause it will make your blood boil, as long as you actually support our troops, instead of just paying lip service.

Does anyone know what the law is on Citizen's Arrests and how much physical force a citizen can use in the execution of said arrest?

A Response to "So much for the ethanol fad..."

originally from Shadoglare

Global warming is a myth. A religion started to scare people, with Al Gore as their messiah.

Corn Ethanol and Soy Bio-diesel may not be the best alternative. Corn Ethanol uses huge amounts of water int its process. The reason to use alternative fuels is a reduced dependence on foreign oil. Oil reserves will not last forever (although the last projection I saw said something like 100 more years worth of oil has yet to be pulled from the ground). Like Dennis Miller says, we will replace oil when we need to.

If you are truly worried about greenhouse gas emissions, start worrying about China. At their current rate of industry expansion, they will very soon be pouring out more greenhouse gases than 15,000 years worth of production of Ford Explorers. We are just a drop in the bucket.

On the horizon, there is in research and development ethanol made from switchgrass. Requires a fraction of the water of corn ethanol, has a higher sugar content=higher yield of alcohol than corn=more bang for the buck.

And while this video may not be totally on topic. It does make a few points and is just funny in general.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Response and Commentary on a Probable John McCain Nomination

Contagion said...

Considering I'm one of the "fanatics" he refers to, No one has convinced me McCain is any better or different for our country than Clinton/Obama. The only difference is the "R" next to his name as far as I can tell.

February 8, 2008 7:11 PM

I haven't gone so far as to say that I absolutely will not vote for McCain, but I am by no means ready to walk into a booth and fill in a circle by his name. If McCain is the Nominee, a part of it will depend on the running mate.

Ann Coulter made an interesting point today during a Q & A session in D.C. that part of what we have to look at in 2008 as Republicans, is who is going to run in 2012. Romney? McCain is 72. Even if he is the nominee, or gets elected, he would be at least 76 or 77 at the next election. Would he be able to run? At that age, health can deteriorate quickly. This election may be more about setting up the Republicans for the future.

McCain is moderate enough to receive the vote of Independents and possibly pull votes from someone like a Barack Obama. But right now he can't pull in the votes from the Hardcore Conservative line.

The other thing that worries me about McCain is that he reminds me of John Kerry. Not because of his views, but because we all remember being beaten to DEATH with "Three Purple Hearts." John McCain seems to bring up his 5 years in the Hanoi Hilton all the time (or the media won't let him). Tammi brought up that Hitlery said she won't let anyone "swift boat" this country's future.

What I see happening is McCain being "Swift Boated" on his time as a POW. We get it, you were tortured, had your arms broken, and refused the opportunity to leave in order to stay with fellow soldiers. But you have to find more. You have to figure out how to show people like me and Contagion that you are not a RINO.

One thing is certain. This election is going to be ugly, expensive, and drive us all to the brink (or probably over the edge) of insanity.

A Very Interesting Perspective

I have not arrived at the point yet where I agree with this, but he does have a point.

Republican Conservative Fanaticism Will Hurt Their Chances

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wrong on SOOOOOOO Many Levels

but some funny shit.

Amazing Grace

It's never sounded quite like this.

But I like it.

Kinda Reminds Me Of.....


Just need a shave and a haircut.

This could be me, too.

I would crush them like bugs


Depending on the day I have, I could probably double that.

h/t to ktreva

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Am I the Only One

who finds it incredibly disturbing that Super Tuesday, where nearly half of the states go to the polls to cast their ballots in the Primaries, is also FAT TUESDAY.

An omen??? I think so. Of what those who we choose today will do on our backs.

Back from the Polls

I was the second person through my polling location. In and out before 6:30am.

The first time I was eligable to vote in an election was 2000. Since then, I have missed one primary election. It was when I was in college and I didn't get the absentee request sent in. In every election, when I vote I have gone into the booth knowing who I would cast a ballot for.

That is until today. When I closed the curtain and looked down at the names, I still didn't have my decision made. It was a scary feeling, and it is a testament to the state of politics in this country.

In the end I voted on my conscience and my knowledge, and I can live with the choice.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Illinois Primary

So, tomorrow is the Illinois Primary. And the field of Presidential "Candidates" really sucks. The field has:
1 Libertarian in Republican Clothing (Ron Paul)
2 Democrats in Republican Clothing (John McCain and Mitt Romney)
2 Communist in Democrats Clothing (Osama and Hitlery)
1 sorta Republican, although his support for in state tuition of illegal immigrants bothers me (Huckabee)

I consider myself to be a pretty hardcore Conservative Republican, other than on energy, where I support the use of renewable fuels, wind energy, and reduction in dependence on foreign oil (or at least being in a position to have an uninterrupted transition from oil coming from hostile nations to our allies, and domestic sources). I am not going to run out and join Greenpeace or climb up and live in a tree. For me, it is more tied to national sovereignty and supporting our own citizens with work and affordable basics. I have thought about driving either a flex fuel or hybrid. It would still be a pickup truck, and no not a compact. The Chevy Silverado. But, again, for me it would be to support fuel sources coming from the U.S. or to save money.

When I returned from Florida a little over a week ago and learned that Fred Thompson had dropped his bid for the nomination, I nearly cried. There is no clear Conservative choice in the race.

Today, I filled out a long survey of probably 350+ quotes on policy and position of all the candidates to help figure out which candidate you would most align with. H/T to Shadoglare for the site

Of all the candidates calling themselves "Republicans" Mike Huckabee was the high number, at 35 statements, followed by Mitt Romney at 32, John McCain at 28, and Ron Paul with a 26. I just don't truck Romney and McCain. I have the utmost respect for John McCain, for his history in the military and experience in Viet Nam. But his record is not in line with my views. My biggest issue with Romney actually comes from the area of energy. A developer out of Boston wanted to build a wind farm in the ocean 6 miles off of Cape Cod where Romney and TED KENNEDY have there expensive homes. And these guys, along with others, worked together to fight the development of this farm, because it would be where they like to sail. Stick it in your freaking ear and get over yourself.

So I am down to either Huckabee or Paul.

Or I might just go ahead and vote for Thompson anyway.

Oh, and if I haven't ever told you, I really, REALLY hate the U.S. Congressman from the 17th District. And as I was doing my research on the candidates, I found THERE IS NOT REPUBLICAN RUNNING FOR THIS SEAT!!!!! M^*#*r F*^#^*r. I KNEW I should have ran for Congress this year. In 2006 I said I was going to and I didn't follow through. Maybe I can get on the Ballot for the General Election.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It has now pissed me off.

On January 1st, 2008, a smoking ban went into effect in Illinois. No smoking in any public location or withing 15 feet of any door, window, or air intake. This means all bars, places of business, and company vehicles used by more than one person.

Some people heralded this measure as a victory for public health. Others screamed foul (to no avail). Personally, I feel it is a major overstepping of the bounds of the government. Not because I like to go to bars and smoke or that I smoke at work. To me, it is a personal choice to smoke or not to smoke, to frequent or not frequent an establishment that allows smoking. I by no means frequent bars. It's just my style. I would rather sit around with a close group of friends. But when I did darken a corner of a bar, I would usually sit back enjoying a beer and smoking a pipe. I thought it made the place smell better. Even had people walk all the way across the bar just to tell me how good it smelled.

Anyway, all of this is out the door. No longer allowed by state law.

Like I said, this is a MAJOR overstepping of the realm where government should tread. But this week, this law went from being an overstepping of bounds that I could survive, to pissing me off. For you see, in April, I attend the Les Pays de Illinois Colonial Trade Faire and Rifle and Musket Frolic, hosted by the Chasseurs du Datchurat. This juried pre-1790 event is probably the finest event in the Midwest. It is as close to a trip back in time as I have ever found. On Saturday afternoon, there is the Gentlemen's Smoker at the tavern. There is pitcher of beer and hard cider, and a large box of tobacco for all to indulge their pipe. A truly fine time. On Friday and Saturday night, the tavern opens up and when you walk through the door, you have truly passed through a time portal and entered 1765. The wenches pour beer, cider, and shrub all night, along with period foods on the tables. The tobacco box on the table as well.

But now, because of the Illinois Smoking Ban, we can't smoke in the tavern since it is a building on state property. So no smoking in the tavern, and the Gentlemen's Smoker might as well be the Ladies Tea.

I wonder, and I am looking Sari's way for this, if we could file a court injunction to allow smoking during the Gentlemen's Smoker and in the Tavern based on historical accuracy grounds.

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This is just not going to work. We can't have 3 people ruling to world. So, the way I see it, I will rule the world and Contagion and Quality Weenie can rule the portion of the world that i let govern for me.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sounds about right

What military aircraft are you?

F/A-22 Raptor

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Pretty much sums it up.

This one could be fun.

What weapon are you??? :D

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