Sunday, November 16, 2008

Redneck Moving Crew Returns!

A couple months ago, I told you about the Redneck Moving Crew.

They made their triumphant return today. Not moving desks out windows, but a dog kennel. A 10-1/2 foot long dog kennel that is 4 feet wide and 5 feet tall, weighing somewhere between 300 and 400 pounds.

With winter about to set in, I wanted to get Omar the Wunderpuppy's kennel moved from the tree line North of the house to the South side of the house, where it will be protected from the wind and so that I can put a heating mat in the dog house attached to the kennel.

The experience started by lifting up the front end of the kennel and propping it up so we could back a truck underneath it. Problem. Prop not long enough, Legs won't clear the tailgate. So I hold the front end of the kennel up while dad backs truck into place. With the truck back as far as we can go, we then slide the kennel over the fenders to the front of the bed. Problem. The legs are 8 feet apart. Bed with tailgate down=less than 7 feet. (Remember, we don't measure before beginning action) Ah, what the heck. it'll ride alright. So dad begins the drive with me walking beside the kennel to help stabilize. As we take off across the yard, there is a decent hump to start up the hill. As the truck goes up the hump, the legs that didn't make the bed drag on the ground and almost pull the kennel out of the truck. Crap. "Put a block under it." So we put a 4x4 under it and that gave us enough clearance to clear the hump and make it across the yard. Pull around the the South side of the house and examine where to put the kennel. (Pre-plan? What's that?) The unload went about like the load. Slide out to the back legs, I hold the front up the air while dad drives out from underneath.

We then start the process of moving the kennel into position. I was trying to move the dog house end of the kennel closer to the house, when I don't know if Dad moved the other end or if I slipped or what, but the kennel jerked and the roof of the dog house tried to collapse my windpipe when it smacked me in the throat.

Finally, we go the the kennel in place so Omar can be nice and comfortable all winter.

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Cameron said...

Speaking of the Wunderpup, I think I saw your horse over on my blog :)