Thursday, November 6, 2008

Need Advice

I know some of you my readers are like me and into guns.

Well, for those of you, I need some help. I am looking to buy an AR-style rifle prior to inauguration day, just to be on the safe side.

My issue is, I am most particularly interested in one chambered for the 7.62 x 39mm (also known as the AK round). The only company I have found that actually manufactures an AR rifle in this chamber is DPMS Panther Arms.

They have two different models, the 20" barrell Panther, and the 16" barrell Panther.

Mostly what I will be doing is target shooting and predator hunting. But, ya never know what can happen. Just want to be prepared.

The main reason for the 7.62 x 39mm is because I think .223 is undersized and basically, an overglorified .22, and a .308 is really expensive to shoot. But 7.62 x 39, I can buy Mil Surp in 750 and 1,000 round sardine cans pretty cheap, as well as lots of other brands out of Eastern Europe/Asia.

The advice I need is what kind of luck anybody has with the DPMS guns and in particular the 7.62 x 39. Or if someone can convince me of a different caliber or manufacturer for the same kind of money for the gun/ammo.

I figure I have about 65 days max.


Anonymous said...

Good god! Making AR's like AK's? That's not right!

Really just get a rifle like mine. It's $350, has a site rail, and is astoundingly accurate. not to mention it's less then half the price of that "not quite an ak. not quite an ar". Also if you want/need a pistol grip you can get one that folds from $50 - $75.

Plus with the AK line you don't have as much cleaning since it only field strips into 3 pieces not including rifle body and shroud.

You can use the extra money for Ammo!

Contagion said...

My recommendation... just get an AK. They are simple, easy to use, easy to clean and don't have all the mechanical and jamming problems of the AR.

Wes said...

Get an AK dude. We don't see 12-year old Afghani boys carrying M16s, & there's a good reason: M16s flat out aren't as reliable (jam too easily, hard to keep clean, etc.) as an old Kalashnikov. I plan on getting one myself at the soonest opportunity.